KAZGUU students visit the memorial complex “ALZHIR”

KAZGUU’s first-year students learned about the history of “ALZHIR” – the Museum and Memorial Complex for the Memory of the Victims of Political Repressions and Totalitarianism.

The excursion to the complex was part of the Rukhani Zhangyru programme. The trip was organised by the teachers of the Centre for Kazakhstan History and Rukhani Zhangyru: I. M. Akylbaev, Z. D. Kusainova, V. D. Tlebaldieva, and L. K. Mukataeva.

The students learned about the history of the infamous “ALZHIR”, a place of imprisonment for 18,000 women, innocent victims of Stalin’s repressions. All prisoners of the camp were wives, sisters, or daughters of repressed politicians, writers, and scientists. “ALZHIR” was the only institution of its kind in world history.