KAZGUU University Tourism Centre was launched in 2020. The main aim is to involve students to gain practical experience in design, development and implementation of national and foreign tourism in Kazakhstan from the 1st year of study.

KAZGUU Tourism Centre sets the following objectives:

• to explore the touristic, recreational, historical and cultural potential to develop tourist routes in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as exclusive tour packages – collecting a database;
• sale and promotion of tour routes and packages at the University and other universities in Kazakhstan and abroad;
• development of a website for access to routes’ details, activities of the Centre, as well as for online booking of tours;
• development, promotion and arrangement of trips abroad for a wide audience of tourism product consumers;
• training in the application process for holding MICE events, participation in events of a regional, republican or international scale as volunteers, simultaneous interpreters, event coordinators;
• establishing contacts with national and foreign partners with the purpose to arrange joint trips, exchange of experience and other.

The primary goal of the Centre is to prepare students for work in various areas of the tourism industry.

More than 10 students of “Tourism” educational programme of KAZGUU Tourism Centre are working on implementation of the following projects:



Time Short description
1 Student tour to Burabay


January, April, May, June 2021 Two-day tour to the resort village in Burabay, Akmola region
2 Historical tour “Track  of history – ALZHIR» monthly Historical tour to the memorial museum of victims of political repression and totalitarianism A.L.Zh.I.R., located in the village of Malinovka, Akmola region
3 Historical tour “Track  of history – KARLAG» 


April 2021 Historical tour “Track of history – KARLAG» – is an acquaintance with one of hundreds of camps called GULAG. The tour implies a deep immersion in the historical events of the first half of the 20th century, which requires rethinking by the new generation of Kazakhstan.

Dolinka village shows the evidence of artifacts stored in the Museum of Victims of Political Repression, as well as other objects that are associated with work of the People’s Commissariat for Interior Affairs Forced Labor Camp.

The tour will also give an opportunity to get acquainted with the historical past of the city of Karaganda, which was developed by the hands of the KARLAG prisoners.

4 Ecological tour “Tulips of the Kazakh steppe” is a trip to the Korgalzhyn natural reserve


first decade of May 2021 There is an acute issue of preserving tulips in Kazakhstan in their natural environment, because the wild-growing tulips of Gesner, Greig and Schrenk are the ancestors of the first cultivated flowers.

With the efforts of the reserve’s specialists, tulips have been preserved so far, but in this matter it is important for each person to understand that it depends on their careful attitude whether we preserve biodiversity in our country or not.

Also, the tour programme includes attendance of the visit-center of the reserve and observation of its wildlife – pink flamingos, pelicans, saigas, long-tailed eagles and other unique steppe animals and birds.