I, SagynyshMukhametkaliyeva, have recently graduated from M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University for the third time, which I am very proud of.Before entering the university for the first time in 2012, I researched the features, disadvantages and advantages of the best universities of our country and came to a firm conclusion that only M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University can satisfy all my needs and give me a truly high-quality education in accordance with the world requirements. Since the first time I crossed the threshold of my almamater, I have been convinced of the soundness of my decision every day for the past nine years.

I am currently a BA inTranslation Studies, an MA in Translation Studies and a BA in International Law.I decided to get the last degree with the support and guidance of my previous teachers and professors, since It was their experience, patience and diligence that helped me to find my path.

I would also like to note the dedication of my favorite teacher Baizhanova A. Kh. who helped me to fulfill my childhood dream – to visit Germany and study there.After just a year of studying German at M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University in the Bachelor’s program, I, a young student who did not know a single word in the target language at the time of the start of the studies, managed to win a DAAD scholarship for summer studies in Berlin for a German language course. I won a chance not only to visit the country of my dream, but also for the first time to travel across Europe.

Now I am a demanded translator and interpreter with a minor in international law. My life will always be connected with M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University and I am sure that cooperation with my favorite university will continue, because now I am preparing to start the doctoral program here.

Sagynysh Mukhametkaliyeva,Translation Studies


At the moment, I am a Master’s student at M.Narikbayev KAZGUU University, majoring in “Translation Studies (Simultaneous Interpreting) department. It is worth mentioning that a Master’s degree was my conscious step, and the quality of education was a priority in choosing a university. So, my choice fell on M.Narikbayev KAZGUU University.

The translation is a very interesting industry that requires professional training and a constant desire to develop and grow. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that the learning programme for Translation studies at KAZGUU fully meets the requirements of both the Kazakh and International markets. Students enrolled in this programme receive all the necessary range of knowledge, as well as invaluable experience, as many teachers and tutors are real conference interpreters/translators who work at events of the highest level and are aware of all market trends. The approach which is used in the learning process is student-oriented and the main attention is focused on practice and market trends.

Moreover, within the framework of this programme, students receive unique knowledge and skills that have no analogues in other universities throughout Kazakhstan. This is what distinguishes future graduates of this university from others.

Besides, during the 2-year master’s programme, as students, we demonstrate excellent knowledge of theoretical material, which undoubtedly serves as a foundation for both our future dissertations and for creating a career in the field of science and pedagogy.

It is also necessary to note the constant growth of both the teaching staff and the university because this is also a very important component of any learning process. All representatives of the faculty are masters of their craft and great professionals. Many of them are fellows of various international programmes, graduates of leading foreign universities, and Ph.D. holders.

As a student of this programme, I highly recommend that anyone who is thinking about obtaining a master’s degree in Translation Studies should pay attention to KAZGUU. I’m sureyouwon’tregretit.

Vlad Saiko, Translation Studies


I studied 6 years at KazUHL, I graduated with bachelor and master degree in Translation studies. It was a little bit difficult to study, there was a lot of homework and the teachers were strict and critical, but there are more advantages than disadvantages. Teachers checked our tasks, gave a lot of information and knowledge, they worried about us like parents. We had also native speakers, who taught us political studies, Italian language, literature. I had a great opportunity to study the Italian language with Stefano, a native speaker from Italy, Campobasso. In childhood I dreamed to visit Italy, to see its architecture, to visit famous places and my dream came true with KazUHL. In 2014 I graduated with a bachelor degree and entered university in Italy (Università per stranieri di Perugia) to continue my studies. And in 2016 I entered KazUhl again for master’s degree. It’s never too late to study! KazUHL one love!



Margarita Zilinka, Translation Studies


The range of universities in Kazakhstan is quite impressive. However, after graduating from high school, my choice was to apply for KAZGUU University, as it was the only university that offered the study of three foreign languages in Translation Studies department. Moreover, every year KAZGUU improves the education system, study program and the conditions for students.

My first year at KAZGUU was very intense and tough, but at the same time the effort was worth it. Classes were held in three languages, requirements for students were serious, and the professional experience and knowledge of the teaching staff was always at the highest level. In general, the teaching staff of the Translation Studies department are always highly qualified professionals, as well as just good people who have left a good mark in the memory of students during the period of studying and after. In addition to interesting lectures and seminars, KAZGUU is a university that develops students from all sides. Most of students acquired new skills or updated existing skills, like improving their leadership skills or trying themselves in different spheres due to really interesting and entertaining student’s social life. It was really pleasant to study surrounded by capable, creative and talented people.

One of the highlights of my study was the Academic Mobility program during my last year. As an exchange student it was a great opportunity to learn a new language and experience a new culture at Batumi State University in Georgia. Additionally, after finishing the program, overseas students tend to obtain more opportunities to find good jobs or to apply for international universities as they have wide social circle. It is a big chance to experience living adaptation and develop communication skills. I am so glad that at our university students have a chance to study and live abroad for a semester, which makes it possible to become familiar with different cultures.

A variety of courses provided by the Department of Translation studies allowed me to grow in an academic sense, to learn German and Chinese languages which influenced my further education. My acquaintance with the Chinese language and culture began in my 2nd year, during classes our teachers of the Chinese language told us about the events, culture, inventions, literature and art of this country, and shared their experience there. During my 4th year of study, because of knowledge of the Chinese language and the support of teachers in applying process, I successfully applied for a full Chinese Government scholarship for a Master’s degree at Beijing University of Technology, in China.

Assel Boken Bachelor in Art, 2013-2017


My name is AruzhanSarsembayeva and I am a 3rd year student of Translation studies program.

To be honest, I chose my major spontaneously without having any idea of who interpreters and translators are. However, now I am completely sure that it has been the right choice and now I will list reasons for such a statement.

First of all, I was inspired by my professors because all of them work as interpreters. They always tell about their careers, work conditions and different cases happened during interpreting. What is more significant, they interpret and translate for my adorable international organizations such as the UN, EU, UNICEF, etc, where I dream to work.

Secondly, we have opportunities to study in work conditions which are extremely close to the real ones. For instance, during simultaneous interpreting courses we create conferences and interpret in interpreting both having different cases.

Thanks to our program, as an excellent student, I have passed Conference interpreting course by Andrey Falaleev, one of the best interpreters in the world. Moreover, one of our professors recommended me to the Association of professional interpreters and interpreting companies and today I am a member of the Qazaqstan Translation Forum organizing committee. Moreover, students can take minors and develop their career from different perspectives. To illustrate, my minor is International Relations and I was invited as a speaker to the World Congress 2020 to present my paper on IR topic.

To conclude, I do not regret for my decision taken 3 years ago, because now I am getting more than I expected.

Aruzhan Sarsembayeva, Translation Studies.


I am a second-year student of Applied Linguistics major. The reasons behind the choice of this particular speciality were my personal interest in learning the languages, specifically, English, and also the content of the Applied Linguistics program.

The program itself includes all the essential courses of different Linguistics areas, which help the students to develop their knowledge and acquire the needed skills in order to become the professionals in the field of Applied Linguistics. The program also provides the opportunity to take one of the three minors (Minor in Translation Studies, Minor in TESOL, Minor in Media Linguistics), which is extremely beneficial and allows to connect Linguistics with one of the mentioned fields. Another advantage of the Applied Linguistics major is that apart from becoming proficient in English, students can also choose a second foreign language and become advanced in it.

As a second-year student, so far, I have taken the courses such as Introduction to Linguistics, Grammar Awareness, Academic Writing, History of the English Language, Chinese, etc. From all these courses, I have acquired new knowledge that will help me in becoming a professional in my field. I am also looking forward to studying new courses provided by my speciality. To be honest, the Applied Linguistics program has completely met all my expectations.

Rusalina Akhmerova, 2nd year student of ‘Applied Linguistics’ program


When I entered the university, I wanted to choose another specialty; however, I quickly changed my mind when I realized how good the Applied Linguistics program is. I really like how it is composed: all subjects and lessons are arranged logically and are provided when I need it. There is an excellent opportunity to distribute the workload across semesters in a way that suits me.

Student life is also full of interesting events and activities. Recently, a very useful and interesting Creativity. Service. Intelligence course has been included in the program, which helps me to reveal my qualities and learn new things in a new and interesting format. The Management of KAZGUU School of Liberal Arts takes care of us, students, helping us not only academically, but also personally, worrying about our progress.

Special thanks go to the Management for the selection of teachers. The lessons they teach are full of interesting tasks, and the information is presented clearly and without unnecessary deviations from topics.

Natalya Nagornyak, 2nd year student of Applied Linguistics programme


An excellent program for diversified development in the field of linguistics! It helps to develop competitiveness in students, which is important for the modern labor market. The program also includes the development of research skills, developing analytical thinking in students. I entered the university for this particular program because I liked the further opportunities after studying it. The programoffers the study of teaching and translation.





Malika Akhloyeva, 2nd year student, Applied Linguistics


I had the Academic Kazakh Language lesson in the 1st semester of the 2020-2021 year. Azhar Zharylkasynkyzy teacher conducts each lesson in a very interesting and high-quality manner. I didn`t even notice how quickly time passed, I observed that the teacher is able to fully focus students’ attention on the lesson.





Seitbekova Akbota, 1st-year student, Kazakh Language and Linguistics


The bright future of the upgraded country is in the hands of versatile, educated and modern youth. The safety and preservation of a country depends on many factors. Uptothis day, as a graduate, I have not thought that I would have such a great opportunity to study when I chose the Kazakh Language and Literature. Kazakh-English Linguistics specialty helps to raise the Kazakh Language to a new level.

It is true that when I entered to this specialty, I was overwhelmed with many doubts and suspicions. However, after the completion of the 1st semester, I realized that everything was the opposite. I would call this specialty ‘a new trend’ because subjects we study fully meet the modern requirements. I hope that in the future after completing the Kazakh-English Linguistics, we will bring a new perspective and a new impetus to Kazakh Language.

Аytpanbet Аyim, 1st-year student, Kazakh Language and Linguistics


Today, in accordance with the requirements of the globalization century, the linguistics fields need to be developed and modernized. The first step for this we can consider the new specialty «Kazakh Language and Linguistics». I am proud to be educated in this specialty; to be honest, many people are interested in our profession especially those, who have chosen Kazakh language and Literature in the past, and who care about our language. I am looking forward to becoming a strong linguist, and this profession gives me a lot of opportunities.

Firstly, it allows to become a fluent bilingual linguist translator, without the help of Russian language, while maintaining the purity of Kazakh language and foreign language.

Secondly, we have a great chance to find an excellent job because our program meets the requirements of modern employers.
Third, it teaches Kazakh language like a foreign language to others, media-linguistics, language and translation as well. Also we can have additional certificates of specialization and broaden our horizons. Therefore, I am confident the this specialty can provide bright future for young people who care about our language.

Seryk Moldyr, 1st-year student, Kazakh Language and Linguistics