dvh As we all know, any school leaver will always be in anticipation of his new student life. I also thought for a long time which university to choose and I chose KAZGUU University.

If to talk about our educational system in KAZGUU, the first year we were taught at the School of General Education, focused on the development of academic and creative skills of every student. Each course was interesting and memorable not only with a variety of activities, but also with excursion and guest lectures. Shamil Vankeyev (2nd year student – Law enforcement).


yhjMy name is Abdumanova Sabina. I am a 2nd year student of International Law and Iam a graduate of the General Education Program, the School of General Education. The given program helped me gain practical skill, which I use in the senior years.

The most memorable moments are a theatrical production on the course “History of Kazakhstan”, guest lectures given by foreign representatives, Kazakh scientists and government officials (the most memorable lecture was with M. Auezov’sgranddaughter Z.M.Auezova), various excursions (museums, theaters, camp ALZHIR, etc.), olympiads, conferences, and other informative events. Abdumanova Sabina (2nd year student – International