Research projects

Priority areas for the development of research and business projects of SLA
for 2020-2023 yy

1. Cultural environment of the historical city: transformation of the Kazakh urban space at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.
2. Scientific foundations of “Mangilik el” (education of the XXI century, fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of humanities).
3. Terminological solutions for translators of Kazakhstan in the field of economics and finance, medicine, oil, and gas industry.
4. Peculiarities of translation of socio-political texts and discourses in Kazakhstan.
5. Factors affecting the quality of simultaneous interpretation in the context of Covid-19
6. Peculiarities of translation of web texts on materials of websites of state and quasi-state enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan
7. Translation and localization of mobile applications from English into Kazakh / Russian.
8. Portrait of a tourist in Nur-Sultan
9. Business models of glamping in the realities of Kazakhstani nature
10. Project for the development of an event strategy for Turkestan
11. Distance Travel: Turkistan
12. The influence of the media on the image of a tourist destination