Dear students!

Being aware of the fact that successful learning experience and satisfying lives require a wide range of skills and knowledge the School of General Education (GES) is aimed to establish and improve students’ academic competences as well as promote their commitment to ethical values.

In order to receive quick response, we kindly ask you to express subject matter precisely and in detail. Before asking a question, you should better look for the answer in the materials of the blog. It is quite possible that the answer to your question is already available, and you can easily get the information you need. To use the service you should accept Agreement. Agreement on participation. You may ask a question after filling out the form with the required fields. Then you will see the current status of your question.

    The following questions are not accepted, in case:

  • Anonymous, except for certain cases
  • Contains abusive language
  • Contains unreadable text and incomprehensible reductions
  • Indicates problem not related to the competence of person to whom the question is addressed

Your question may be subject to moderation under the rules of ethics and the rules of spelling, and only after this procedure it can be published.

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