Living in the age of constant changes taking place in politics, economy, international relations of countries, as well as in the context of transition of our country from industrial to post-industrial and information society, educational institutes have to modernize in purpose to meet needs and requirements of contemporary world. Our School is acting and planning its goals in compliance with these changes. Thus, being aware of the fact that successful learning experience and satisfying lives require a wide range of skills and knowledge the School of General Education (SGE) is aimed to establish and improve students’ academic competences as well as promote their commitment to ethical values.

The curriculum of SGE is founded on competency-based approach to education and designed to develop students’:

1. Literacy;
2. Communication and collaboration skills;
3. Critical enquiry and independent thinking;
4. Basic research skills;
5. Ethical reasoning;
6. Understanding of international interdependence and cultural diversity.

To achieve the abovementioned goals SGE invites guest lecturers – highly professional specialists, famous representatives of science and culture; arranges field-trips to government institutions, social organizations, and historical places of Kazakhstan. Courses within the General Education Program become an integral part of the overall educational experience. These courses may be relevant to a major or to an individual’s interests.

The School of General Education is a structural division of M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University that was established in August 1, 2014 with the purpose to introduce into the university General Education Program that will allow first-year students to gain academic and language competences essential to succeed in obtaining a university degree and in future professional career.

We take care of our students and support them on their way to success and personal development.