KAZGUU students gain unique experience

The trip to Kazakhstan’s geographical oasis Ulytau, organised by KAZGUU’s Rukhani Zhangyru Centre for the first-year students, opened them to the valuable experience of studying the history of the Kazakh people.

The students learned about the traditional way of life of the nomadic people, and immersed in the atmosphere of Kazakh hospitality. Visiting the mausoleums of Dzhuchi Khan and Alash Khan, and Dombauyl’s Mazar made a strong impression on all the participants of Ulytau tour.

The students were amazed by the majesty and beauty of the Kazakh steppe, and the architectural monuments of the past. Mounds, necropolises, mausoleums of Begazy-Dandybay culture, rock paintings, petroglyphs, and other ancient monuments found and studied by researchers, show that Ulytau was the centre of Saryarka and the whole steppe from the ancient times.

As part of the tour, the students have visited the Museum of History of Mining and Melting located in the village of Zhedyz named after M. Toregeldin, and met with the representatives of the National Historical and Cultural Museum and National Park “Ulytau”, which occupies 147,246 hectares.

The final day was devoted to a hike to the mountains located in the southwest of the Central-Kazakhstan hillocky area, where the students climbed the peaks. This is the location of the station of Zhoshi-khan, the eldest son of Genghis Khan; here Khan Batiy started his conquest of the East; and here is the burial place of the Khan of the Golden Horde, and the great Horde Commander Emir Adygeh.

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2. По дорогам Великого Шелкового пути (Юг Казахстана)

Маршрут поездок с 27.04.18. по 05.05.18.:
Посещение мавзолеев: Ахмеда Яссауи, Карахана, Айша-Биби, Бабаджи Хатун, Тектурмас; Арыстанбаба; монумента ханов Керея и Жанибека, Цветочной теплицы, Ущелья Машат, Плачущей пещеры, Парка «550-летие Казахского ханства», Дендропарка, Киелы тас, Ордабасы, Мавзолея.

Куратор Мукатаева Лепуда Каримовна.

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3. К духовным истокам (Запад Казахстана):
Посещение: подземных мечетей средневековья, исторических памятников-некрополей, впадины Карагие, побережья Каспийского моря и других достопримечательностей Мангистауского края.

Куратор Жолаев Рахымбек Куатбекович.

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